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key programme points

An ambitious science and critical thinking themed course, taught at colleges in the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge by tutors and researchers drawn from both universities
Specialist STEM-focused trips
A unique opportunity for students who are keen to expand their scientific and critical knowledge before applying to university
Students will spend one week in a college at Oxford University and one week in a college at Cambridge University
Ever present mentors and guides for student welfare, team building and academic support
areas of science

aircraft technology

example project

'Aviation and Flight Theory Skills'

Building on the visit to Duxford aircraft and technology centre, this course, taught by a qualified pilot, involves students in the theory of flight planning and the skills need to interpret and understand aviation, including the practical physics and aeronautics involved.

engineering & robotics

example project

'robotics & ai'

The modern world is increasingly driven and organised by robots, from cars to production lines, from computers to home appliances. This course will introduce students to processes in modern robotics and Al and the engineering concepts that feed into these technologies. It will involve the engineering problems that robotics pose as well as the solutions they offer. The programme includes a visit to the robotics production line of the Global Mini Car Factory to study the processes involved in using robots in manufacturing. Classes will focus on the use of robotics and artificial intelligence.

biology & medicine

example project

'medicine, zika virus and modern biology'

The recent Zika Virus outbreak emphasised the profound effects that viruses in a modern world can have. The development of vaccines and the ways in which these are understood are crucial to this process. This series of classes will examine how the process of vaccine development and modern medicine affects global development as well as the biological systems underlying both viruses and how they are combatted medically.

maths & banking

example project

'applications of mathematics & thinking critically'

Modern finance is increasingly driven by mathematics, algorithms, high frequency trading and codes that govern how money is traded. An understanding of these processes must first be arrived at by thinking critically and creatively around the key aspects of mathematical theories that can be applied to modern finance more widely. This course will focus on the central mathematical principles of finance ande introduce ways of equation formation around currently unsolvable problems. The aims and learning outcomes are to offer solid logical and mathematical principles on which trading decisions might be made.

design thinking

example project

'Performance and Innovation Skills'

This course, offer by a Gates Foundation Research Scholar will specialise in the deeper aspects of design thinking and performance and interactive modelling of performance to better develop entrepreneurial thinking.

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